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Testing Squad 2.0 - This Time It's Personnel

Hello Colonists,


We've got lots of changes coming in the new update, and as such, we thought we needed a change in the way that we go about testing the new builds. As such, we'll be cleaning out both the Steam and Discord groups and starting fresh. This comes with a huge thanks to the old testers in regards to their service to the community and the stability of Hellion.


Going forward, the Testing Squad will be split into two groups. The First Stage, and the Second Stage. These represent the core tasks of all testing, the First Stage testers are hand-picked community members, they've shown a dedication in the past, and continue to work with excellence. They will be undertaking the task of finding and reporting all game-breaking bugs, as well as giving input on the functionality of systems within the latest builds. The Second Stage, formed on previous merits and recommendations from members of the First Stage, will undertake the task of finalising the new changes, making sure they're user-friendly and streamlined. While they have vastly different tasks, that does not mean one is more valuable than the other, both Stages are vital to the development of Hellion.


The only true difference is that admittance to the Second Stage will not be permanent, with the personnel changing for each build. Regardless of their stage, each tester needs to be actively testing and contributing to the betterment of Hellion.


Now, this comes with the responsibility of being a representative of the community, upholding the rules, and behaving appropriately to the same degree as the Moderators, and helping as much as they can within the Steam and Discord discussions.


Fly Safe,

Hellion Moderation and Development Teams

Posted by Zero Gravity team