With silence, it begins ...

Multiplayer space survival simulation

- Huge physics-based solar system

- Full orbital mechanics

- Realistic immersive environment

- Station planning and building

- Resource gathering and system management

- Deep background story and lore

- Steam achievements

- SPACE!!!

Regular Updates

Hellion is an Early Access title. As such it is constantly evolving in terms of gameplay mechanics and content. Community involvement represents a huge part of the development process. Your feedback is of massive importance!

Are you ready for a challenge?

Do you have what it takes to uncover the truth behind the biggest colonization mission in mankind’s history? The world that you wake up in lies in ruins and you must find a way to survive in the deadliest environment known to man. Experience the freedom of unrestricted zero gravity movement and inertia, while salvaging derelicts and mining asteroids. Take the helm of your ship and brave unstable orbits as you dive through the deadly debris fields. All that and much more… Welcome to Hellion!