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Schedule for Rude Awakening Update

Hello colonists,


This is Theona Mayers speaking. I want to inform you all about today’s schedule regarding the Rude Awakening Update. According to our initial plans, takeoff is set at 5PM GMT/

9AM PST. We also expect all stations will be coming online at 6PM GMT/10AM PST.


If you didn’t have a chance to join us last night at Baron Quertier’s stream, there will be another stream directly from Zero Gravity studio. At 8PM GMT be sure to jump on Xocliw’s channel on Twitch and join the discussion with devs about the new update.


One more thing, we are releasing the last version of the Rude Awakening trailer. It sounds even better than the previous one! Check it out now: 


See you all later today in Hellion,


Posted by Zero Gravity team