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Rude Awakening Hotfix is Ready!

Dear colonists,


Since the release of the Rude Awakening we’ve been working hard on fixing the issues you experienced during the first days of your journey with Theona. Our idea was to release two hotfixes - client and client/server version of it. But we managed to merge both into one. So, we’ll have a server downtime lasting for an hour, starting at 5PM GMT/9AM PST until 6PM GMT/10AM PST. No server wipe is needed for this hotfix.


Rude Awakening hotfix will cover the following issues:


  • The game client can’t be closed properly
  • Quest tracker bugging after relog
  • Auto-Stabilization option is sometimes applied to the ROLL axis (Q and E keys) even when the setting is disabled
  • Mouse sensitivity option not saved after game restart
  • Walking in her shoes quest resets after character dies and can’t be picked up again
  • The modules from Amnisos station can be undocked (and that should not be the case) - if you claimed any module from Amnisos, it will be despawned
  • Connection breaks while the game is loading
  • Various quest markers not working showing up properly
  • Fabricator Module issues: never ending animation + cargo terminal not accessible
  • Loot respawning in claimed modules
  • Relog teleport: players are placed to the last known location after relog
  • Junkyard modules are visible on the map after attaching them to players’ bases
  • Problems with loot spawn
  • Added the “SKIP” button in the Safe Haven mission. You can use it if you get stuck while playing tutorial quests.
  • Echoes from the past marker does not appear
  • Turrets can be picked up by using “take all”
  • Dirty yellow tint on the helmet visor
  • Arges spawns with locked elevator\cargo hold door

Enjoy the new Hellion update and have a nice weekend!

Posted by Zero Gravity team