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Patch 0.3 Notes - Rude Awakening Update

Ladies and gentlemen,


Here are the patch notes for the Rude Awakening Update!


Rude Awakening Update will be deployed on Thursday, November 29th. Servers will be down from 5PM UTC/9AM PST until 6PM UTC/10 AM PST. Servers will be wiped to ensure proper patch deployment.

For private servers:
Update your server and game client
Delete save files




Story, missions & quests


We are introducing a deep and immersive Hellion story into the gameplay. Players will have the opportunity to enjoy the role-playing experience by doing quests while discovering the secrets of a distant solar system. For that purpose, we have implemented:


  • Tracking system for missions
  • Quest markers
  • Journal
  • Audio logs
  • Written logs


New inventory system


The main goal of this change is to make manipulating items faster and easier, for both character inventory (suit slots) and storage (nearby shelves and containers). Proximity loot system is also in place allowing players to access nearby shelves and containers from their inventory screen.


  • New inventory UI design
  • 3D character preview
  • Proximity loot
  • Added quick slots (1 - primary; 2 - secondary; 3 - bombs; 4 - Medpacks/Small Canisters)
  • Dedicated slots on guns and mining drills for ammo, battery and canisters
  • Health bars added to all items in inventory


New locations and new modules for these locations


Added multiple new modules and custom locations as part of the main story arc. We won’t spoil them here, so look for them in game.


New sounds


There is no sound in vacuum but in pressurized rooms there is plenty of them. Added a multitude of new sound effects to the game and improved existing ones to improve the quality of gameplay experience.


Flight mode assistance


Added flight assistance for ships that automatically tries to compensate for ships lateral velocity, relative to your current target.


  • Auto-adjustment for lateral speed when a vessel is moving towards the target
  • Toggle on/off available


Steam achievements




  • Lightbake for all modules
  • Texture density
  • Ship/module rotation limited for server processing optimization
  • GPU instancing enabled
  • Hide canvas UI on proximity range
  • Network improvements resulting in better ship and module movement
  • LZ4HC Unity file compression enabled


General improvements


  • Powered up modules have significantly higher degradation resistance

  • Planet textures improvements - new textures added to all planets and moons

  • Main menu redesigned
  • Match velocity to the target that is already matched to another target (previously not possible)
  • Pressurization/Depressurization speed properly set for all modules
  • Masses adjusted for all modules
  • Added decals to the docking panels
  • Changing video settings enabled while outside of main menu
  • Quick load available after death in single player mode
  • Rescue ship button added to Command Module
  • Doomed orbit warning visible on NavMap
  • In game latency warning will show up when latency is over 120ms
  • Added Ambience volume slider
  • Removed bloom and motion blur from NavMap
  • Pilot panel UI improvements
  • Mouse sensitivity range increased (it is possible now to set it under 1)
  • Hide in-game chat option added in menu
  • External warp start/end effects changed


Bug fixes


Male corpse appearing after a female character dies

A female character loses hair when the suite is equipped

Air Filter does not deplete carbon filter to 0%

Resource injector not affecting Air Generator

Helmet Visor state not saved; it was always down

Severe FPS Drop while inside CM

Players, ships, and modules do not render for other players
Rotating ship fast sideways results in objects jumping and blinking in front of the ship
RCS sound continues to play when module or ship is docked from a hard angle or fast speed
Hitting module at high speed register collision far from the actual collision point
Bullet holes decals stay on the player capsule and blend with objects
Can't attach canister and battery to drill by pressing "F"
Docking cam view does not show docked module
Cargo Panel: manipulation with resources doesn’t show correct numbers
Player character not loaded correctly
Jetpack and helmet invisible (for female char)
Premade stations not spawning on proper coordinates
CBM Cargobay and AM Airlock prep room sign can't be wiped
FM Fabricator - missing attach point decals
CM: fire extinguisher slot not working properly
VOIP sound level is not saved properly
Optimization hides module geometry - outpost module
Pilot panel HUD: target marker uncontrollably jumping around
A station's name (Command Module name) will sometimes appear on the radar (ship's radar/player's radar) as the name/designation of the last module or ship docked to it
Sound effects audible for other players even if the source is far away
Airlock module PREP ROOM label will stay as a texture after renaming
Pistol 8.20 clip randomly appears after crafting in fabricator
Wrong NAV screen - NAV screen act like I'm in the old ship after using another ship
Crafting panel desync when the other player interacts with the panel
CQM has pressure on predefined stations
Issue with certain keybinding setup when naming ship/station
Ammo not being destroyed or moved to inventory when reloading directly (not from the inventory)

Item slots missing after server restart
Small collision damage slowing creates server lag
Shooting after reload (direct magazine swap) generates server exceptions
Free-look in cryo-pod bugs character
Solar System Map issue - hovering mouse over a group of objects causes a visual bug
Derelict loot locker interaction bug - door can’t be opened
Loot spawn points in CTM-Modules makes it near impossible to pick up loot
Slot decal overlaps with item slotted into it
Steropes airlock interface not working properly when there is a pressure difference
Camera offset on sniper scope

Fly safe,

Posted by Zero Gravity team