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Hellion 0.2 content update patch notes

Dear colonists,

We would like to remind you that Hellion`s first content update is going to land on Thursday, 22nd June 2017. Last four months were quite intense, for us in ZG, and we would like to take this chance to thank players for their continued support and input during this time.

We hope you’ll enjoy what we have in store for all of you! Below are the much anticipated patch notes of the 0.2 update, and just to clarify, this might not be in extreme detail, but it covers all major changes and additions.


New features/Improvements


Performance improvement: Ships and players movements smoother and more responsive.



  • Players can now choose between female or a male when creating a character
  • All equipment boxes can be tagged with custom names
  • Players can now choose a custom name for their ship, which will be visible on the ship’s hull
  • Vanity items added


Starting scene

  • New Crew quarter module added
  • Tutorial added (Help trigger mechanics)



  • Ship’s control panel: can be used to make a list of authorized personnel. Also can be hacked  with a hacking tool to clear authorized  personnel list.
  • Automated turret (linked to and acknowledges authorized personnel list)



  • Toggle Auto stabilization while piloting.
  • Default range for ship’ s radar is set to 100 km
  • Ship’s H.U.D changes and improvements
  • Indicators for rotation; directional and lateral indicators are now similar to docking interface.
  • RCS and Engine fuel levels are now shown in numbers.



  • Added: Two new side firearms (H115 ‘Glaive’ and S22 ‘Rapier’)
  • Added: Two type of grenades (EMP and AP)



  • Navigational panel: Added view filter, fuzzy effect for unidentified objects after scan, new icons     for predefined locations, etc.
  • Video settings: Streamlined and displays more options that can be adjusted.  
  • Docking panel: Optimized to work with more modules
  • Added: loading indicator image
  • Information: “You are dead” screen shows the cause of death
  • Added: “Rescue Ship” button
  • World (timed) events: Spawn of Doomed outposts on a collision course; notification via chat box
  • Game lore: glossary added (description of all in-game items and modules)



  • Added two new types of canisters (canister for refined resources and a small 02 canister used for refueling/refilling player’s jetpack)
  • Cargo panel removed from ship; refueling station added in the cargo bay; storage space reworked (shelves, crates)


  • Distances between moons and their parent planets are now smaller; warp time is tweaked.
  • Suit inventory size increased


Loot distribution

  • Type/rarity of the item corresponds with new loot zones (military, industrial, civilian)
  • All new spawns have identical loot
  • Removed: Power consumption for assault rifle (B-45 Compound)
  • Removed: “Random outpost” from spawn menu


Bug fixes

  • Fixed: Huge rubber banding when undocking
  • Fixed: Logging error (“fresh start” is disabled)
  • Fixed: Several bugs in docking interface
  • Fixed: Cannot interact with “Play” button after respawn
  • Fixed: Pressure ragdolling player that is in a different scene
  • Fixed: Player ends up in space after login (situation with two docked ships)
  • Fixed: Life support continues to pump the air after ship cargo is vented
  • Fixed: Unable to sit in pilot chair after server restart
  • Fixed: A player cannot interact with a main menu “play” button after few respawns
  • Fixed: Docking -  targeted module not showing after warp
  • Fixed: Removing ore from refining slot impossible
  • Fixed: Player`s radar list update bug when tracked object gets out of range.
  • Fixed: Situation when it is impossible to adjust warp maneuver timer manually
  • Fixed: FTL maneuver: Aligning ship to “M” sometimes will be white instead of green. Only lower part of M will change to green and initiate warp.
  • Fixed: Visual - round light stain on the floor
  • Fixed: Player camera can clip through every frame of the rectangular doors. This way a player could interact with objects/buttons on the other side.
  • Fixed: Mouse sensitivity is not same on all panels
  • Fixed: LS Node on ship`s bridge prevents other LS Nodes to Work Properly
  • Fixed: Scanning bug near planets
  • Fixed: Deleted character not deleting assigned cryo chambers on that server
  • Fixed: Matched speed stays on ship screen after module is undocked or moved
  • Fixed: Chat stays on screen if a player closes it with ESC

Posted by Zero Gravity team