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Devblog #50 - Exposure Update Preview

Dear colonists,


It’s only one week until the new update crashes into your PCs. We are super excited about this and today we want to wrap it all up once again since there is a really good initial feedback from internal and external testing.


Last week we asked you to help us with naming the update. You’ve hit us with bunch of interesting suggestions, some of them were really funny. Thank you for that! You definitely helped us understand how you see all the changes but in the end we’ve decided to go with the name that refers to the core mechanics of this update. And that is the Exposure!


Exposure changes everything. The old degradation mechanics was nothing but a placeholder and did little to motivate players in their struggle for survival. The new radiation mechanics, along with the armor system completely changes the way Hellion feels. The key difference being that damage to your character, modules and ships can now be prevented. Not only does this system feel more natural, it also changes the way players deal with various hazards, such as debris fields and turrets.


Planning ahead is now the key to success. While mistakes are survivable, recovering from them can be costly, especially when combined with the new mining mechanics and improvements to item tiers and crafting. Most importantly, this update creates a clear progression system, while staying true to the Hellion’s core idea, a realistic and immersive space experience.


So for those of you who aren’t sure what to expect, here’s a short recap:


  • Radiation and armor mechanics
  • New mining system with surface nodes and gas pockets
  • Improved crafting mechanics with new resources and blueprints
  • New item tiers and bonuses to help you deal with increasing challenges
  • Improvements to UI and HUD
  • Better inventory management system along with storage boxes
  • Rotating stations and asteroids
  • Balance changes to ships and systems
  • Improved security
  • Improved weapons and combat


The Exposure Update is coming out next Thursday, March 7. Full patch notes will be released on Wednesday. So pack your EVA suit, slot the warp cells, and get ready for some action!


See you next week,

Posted by Zero Gravity team