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Devblog #44 - Rude Awakening Hotfix

Hello colonists,


Since the Rude Awakening was released last Thursday, we have been collecting all your reports and finally we have a full list of bugs and issues you might be experiencing.


Client-only issues


  • The game client can’t be closed properly
  • Quest tracker bugging after relog
  • Warp to Outpost marker set on the planet instead of the outpost
  • Auto-Stabilization option is sometimes applied to the ROLL axis (Q and E keys) even when the setting is disabled
  • Mouse sensitivity option not saved after game restart
  • Walking in her shoes quest resets after character dies and can’t be picked up again
  • The modules from Amnisos station can be undocked (and that should not be the case)
  • Connection breaks while the game is loading
  • Various quest markers not working showing up properly


Known client/server issues


  • Player stuck in cryopod
  • Fabricator Module issues: never ending animation + cargo terminal not accessible
  • Loot respawning in claimed modules
  • Relog teleport: players are placed to the last known location after relog
  • Junkyard modules are visible on the map after attaching them to players’ bases
  • Problems with loot spawn
  • Doing quests in the improper order might cause quest system to become locked

First, we’ll release the Client-only hotfix as soon as possible and after that we’ll do the server hotfix.


Thanks for your patience and understanding,


Posted by Zero Gravity team