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Devblog #42 - Importance of Being Rude and Awakened

With Rude Awakening, our goal is to take you on a perilous journey through the Hellion system and immerse you into the events that caused the disaster of the Expedition project, leaving only death and destruction. The look and feel of the world provide an emotional background for everything players are about to experience and we want to evolve the gameplay around this setting. With this update we will set the stage and continue from there with mechanics, system functionality and the game economy. Hellion is growing according to plan...


Lone Survivors


You have dreamed of electric sheep for a long time. And now, you wake up. But what happens to a person when reality is so different from their expectations? How does one cope with the painful rift between the dreams of tomorrow and the reality of solitary survival? Will the mind triumph or will it break, once you find yourself in the vast darkness of space with nothing but the sound of silence surrounding you.


But what if you are not alone? What if someone is trying to help you, guide you… Who are they? Should you trust them? What if there are others out there, as lost and curious as you might be? And eager to solve the puzzle of Hellion. Having someone along for the ride is never a bad thing...


It’s all up to you to decide.


The game itself


No matter what you choose to do, Hellion remains a hard core game and we plan to keep it that way. While the tutorial will hold your hand for awhile until you’ve figured out the basics, it will not do so forever and the world will ruthlessly punish each and every wrong step. But every failure, every bout of anger and frustration is ultimately redeemed once the sense of pride and achievement take over once you succeed in doing something for the first time.


And if we’ve learned something over the past two years it’s that all of you out there who survive the pain of learning will become a part of an exceptional community that grows around this game. Development team can’t find enough words of praise for the importance of community feedback, their suggestions and ideas, constructive discussions we are having with them each day.


If you haven’t already, join the Hellion community on Discord:


And don’t be afraid if your awakening was a bit rude… Being awake is to be alive,

Posted by Zero Gravity team