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Community Spotlight #4

“Seven months had passed since the first colonists left their cryopods and found themselves above the swirling purple-white clouds of Bethyr. Immediately faced with malfunctioning systems and lack of basic resources they were faced with a simple choice: adapt or perish. For some, this was the start of a grand adventure, while for others it marked the beginning of an arduous journey and a fight against impossible odds.


After all, very few colonists were certified pilots, or served in the EVA engineering corps. Fewer still had any previous knowledge on plotting warp maneuvers and only a handful ever received proper combat training. Some adapted faster than others, owing it to the life they led prior to the Expedition. But even they had a difficult choice to make: survive alone, or risk joining with others to improve the chance of survival in an alien system full of danger and unexplainable phenomena. Many chose the latter and lent a hand to those in need. These veterans would often offer assistance to others with little or nothing requested in return. However, not everyone was so noble.


Some among ex-soldiers, mercenaries and guards knew full well how great of an advantage their prior lives gave them over everyone else. And so they chose a less reputable path for themselves, becoming bandits, pirates and raiders who used any means necessary to accomplish their goals. Many a colonist woke up inside their cryopod only to find their outpost drained of every last drop of air and their survival gear gonne. With no suit and no resources these unfortunate souls could only do one thing: surrender to the void around them and go quietly into the night.


Except in Hellion, dying offers no escape. There is no afterlife, no peaceful oblivion. There is only death and reincarnation in an endless struggle for survival.”




Greetings colonists and welcome to a new installment of Hellion’s Community Spotlight! As always you can expect strange, not so strange, and most importantly fun contributions from your fellow survivors.



Showdown at OK Bethyr


Surviving in the wastes of Hellion can be a challenge, especially when universe itself is not playing by the rules. It is for this reason why many choose to walk the “less reputable” path of looting, raiding and plundering. But what happens when your target does not go down quietly? Here’s a video uploaded by Defensive showing some intense boarding action.




Tales of a distant star


Not everyone is comfortable with working alone, sometimes it is simply better to find a partner. Having a helping hand can be a life saver especially in those moments when the laws of universe turn against you. For most this is the end of their adventure, a quick trip to the familiar cold of the cryopod, but for those with experience, it is simply a challenge to overcome and it always makes for a great story.


Here is a small piece of Veqryn’s tale of the “True Captain”. It details the adventures of V and his comrades, as they navigate the deadly wastes of Bethyr. You can find the whole series on our forum. If you are interested make sure to check out various authors in this thread on Steam community hub.


“...HP joins up a few minutes later. He's still in the old base which has no O2. With helmet on, HP hails a new ship and plans to meet V and THORS.

The deal is to move the base again out of Bethyr system. With two ships and one coming, a coordinated one-trip could be made. And seeing that their current (perceived to be safe) setup and a well executed high orbit in Bethyr was still discovered (even if by Santa) in a matter of a couple hours or less, V feels it would be better to make the move.

HP is tasked with finding a CTM. He does and attaches it to the old station temporarily, which is his cryo spot and home station. It took some deliberating to let go of the old station, as it seems to be quirky to work with. I imagine HP might be uncomfortable with leaving our first base, and going into a trio now hoping we can add a third cryo for him.

While the three worked about the business of relocating the station, our friend SKY offers some aid in finding us an LSM.

After tying down as many things they could into rack spaces and boxes, V and THORS detach the two ships and speedmatch to the base. It will be THORS job to spacewalk back to the base and detach the two airlocks.

Of course a few items wriggled their way out of the ship, some hovering about in nearby space, and a couple were too tempting for THORS. So as he thrusts his way to grabbing a few objects, V opens a beacon for HP and his new ship to set warp course...“


*@designersox; Crazy D; 2ugly; Sky; and everybody else involved, thank you all for your contribution.



Orbital architecture


So far we’ve had small stations, big stations, ring stations, stations built around an asteroid… Most builders out there are creating bases orbiting planets and moons, but for some this is simply old news. So how about a station around another station? No? Too complicated?


Well geekthefreak420 disagrees. Here’s a few screenshots of his base building project with two bases looping in on eachother.




Veteran tips


And of course no community spotlight would be complete without some kind of a guide. Considering how there’s been a lot of talk about raiding and pillaging, here’s another video uploaded by Defensive showing a simple yet very effective way to keep your outpost safe from raiders:







It looks like the disturbance in the Hellion system caught the attention of people at the Space Game Junkie. They are very much interested in finding out what exactly is going on and where Hellion is heading? To answer these questions and more Zero Gravity will be joining them in a podcast on Tuesday, September 5th at 6 AM PDT/3PM CEST. If you are interested, hop on over to their website for more details.


Also, just a reminder: patch 0.2.4 is coming out next week. Until then...


Fly safe,

Posted by Zero Gravity team