Hello colonists!

We are starting regular updates on Hellion’s FAQ section. All questions are sorted out by categories so you can run through them with ease.

Disclaimer: you can post additional questions on our Steam page forum or you can check Hellion subreddit and we will do our best to answer them.

General questions

1. What is Hellion?

Hellion is a first person multiplayer space survival game.

2. Will there be a Single-player campaign?

No, Hellion is going to be a Multiplayer only game, but the game will feature a deep background story for players to explore at their own convenience.

3. When will Hellion be released?

Early Access release is planned for January 2017. The precise date is not set yet. We are currently in the process of testing and game polishing.

4. How much will Hellion cost?

The price is not set yet. It will be the standard price for an Early Access survival game.

5. Where can I buy it?

Hellion will be available on Steam Early Access.

6. Is Hellion a PC game only game? Will it be available on consoles?

Hellion will be PC only game while it is in Early Access. Later on, we’ll port the game to consoles.

7. What about Mac/Linux?

Not yet. It will be supported in the future.

8. What engine does Hellion use?


9. Will the game support VR?

We are considering implementing support for VR devices.

10. What about other gaming accessories like Track IR, joystick, etc.?

Not initially. Support may get implemented at a later date based on community feedback.

11. Will it be localized to my language?

Multi language support is planned for the near future.

12. What are the minimum system requirements?

We are waiting for a final optimization before we announce it.

Servers and modding

1. How many players can there be on one server?

There will be multiple open world servers to handle a limited number of players on each one. For now we plan to have around 100 or more players per server. 

2. Will Hellion support private server hosting?

Hellion servers will be hosted by server hosting companies. Players will of course have the option to rent a private server directly from the hosting company.

3. Can I transfer my character from one server to another?

There will be no transferring on EA release but we’ll try to implement that option during Early Access development.

4. Will Hellion support modding?

Not initially. Support may get implemented at a later date based on community feedback.


1. How difficult will it be to meet and play with friends?

Players can choose to share coordinates between themselves. To meet with a friend you need the coordinates of his location, resources to make the trip and a working ship. Another option (might not be available immediately at launch) will be to give others access to the cryo-pods in your station, allowing them to join you immediately at character creation.

2. Will players be able to land on planets and moons?

No. Planetary landings are not planned during Early Access.

3. What happens when a player character dies?

When a player character is killed, your ship, items and equipment are left behind along with the body. Players are then presented with a choice, respawn, or create another character.

4. Will Hellion have AI or is it purely PvP?

Hellion will be purely PvP at early access launch. AI implementation is planned for a later date.