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Tweaks, improvements, loot distribution and future concepts

Greetings survivors,


How’s the harsh world of Hellion treating you? Today’s post will cover a number of improvements that you can expect in the upcoming patch, as well as some additional info about Zones and the Loot Distribution system. Also, we will tease a number of visual improvements that we are working on.


Let’s kick things off with Zones and Loot. These features made their debut with the 0.2 update but we still want to provide a bit more info regarding this system and the placement of zones. After all a good loot system is only useful if players can understand how it works. Since all items are broken down into categories and further divided into quality tiers, a few questions were bound to emerge. Military zones are usually packed with weapons, ammo and various tools of destruction. These zones are also the best place to search for power supply modules, Command modules and abandoned ships that you can confiscate. Industrial zones are loaded with mining gear, specialized EVA equipment and cargo bay modules as well as various refined and raw resources just waiting to be picked up. Finally civilian areas are full of decorations, crew quarters modules, airlocks and life support systems and medical supplies. Below is the map of Hellion’s zones. As a rule of thumb, the further the zone is from the starting area, the higher its tier.



However, these zones are somewhat pointless if getting to them will take hours. Since we want players to explore and try their luck in higher tier zones, the next update will address the Warp Drive speed issue. Overall players can expect significantly shorter warp times when moving between different planets.


Now let’s go over a few additional improvements that players can expect. Aside from numerous fixes a lot of effort is being put into optimization and improving player experience. Ship controls have been tweaked slightly so traveling towards a distant target should now prove to be a pleasant cruise rather than a nerve wracking adventure.


To further optimize the user interface and eliminate annoyances, you can also expect a targeting reticle feature, toggleable from the options menu. Those that compare picking up canisters to finding a needle in a haystack will appreciate it, while players that prefer immersion will most likely turn it of. It should also make EVA maneuvering a bit easier.


And last but not least here’s a tease of something our concept team is currently working on:


Posted by Zero Gravity team