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Steropes Update Patch Notes

Well it’s been a while since Hellion’s last update, but we believe this one was worth the wait. Those that have gone through our last few posts already know what to expect: the Altair Corporation’s Steropes class. In addition we have made a number of major changes to the code and many improvements to key gameplay features.So get ready for the full list of features, improvements and bugfixes!


Steropes Update will be deployed on Thursday May 17th. Servers will be down from 1PM UTC/6AM PDT until 2PM UTC/7AM PDT. Servers will be wiped to ensure proper patch deployment.


For private servers:
Update your server and game client
Delete save files


New ship


Steropes replaces Arges as the new starter vessel. It is much smaller compared to its big brother weighing only 468t compared to Arges’ 1698t. As such it only has an Airlock, an Air Filter, RCS, warp drive and a single Solar Panel for power generation. In order to replenish spent RCS fuel or the atmosphere you lost (in case of accidental venting or a breach) you will have to dock with your base.


To compensate for these drawbacks the new ship is about 2.5 times more maneuverable. It also features an improved warp drive that is much faster and less fuel intensive allowing Steropes to travel further with one warp cell than Arges can with all three. Finally it comes equipped with a dedicated capacitor bank with 3 upgrade slots allowing Steropes to bank a ton of power before setting off and of course it can tow modules just as good as Arges.


NavMap improvements


Navigation map has been redesigned from scratch and expanded with new options that should make it much more intuitive and easier to use.

- Improved performance
- Seamless zoom
- Custom orbit parameters can now be entered directly as numerical values
- NavMap can now hold multiple custom orbits
- New icons for ships, modules, outposts and stations
- Three information tabs for selected object

*Warp maneuver parameters (W)
*List of objects in close proximity (G)
*Selected object information (A)

Piloting interface


Piloting interface has been redesigned from scratch and expanded with new options.

- Full visibility across the entire canopy
- Only authorized personnel can now pilot the ship
- New icons and improved indicators
- Free look (default L.Alt) no longer interrupts piloting
- Added hotkeys to access Piloting (1), NavMap (2), Docking (3) and Headlights (4), removed unused buttons for these interactions

Warp Drive Changes

- Warp Drive now activates automatically when initiating warp and deactivates when finished
- Removed 5 second warp confirmation after aligning
- Ships can now warp independently of players, provided that the timer and maneuver have been set in advance
- Server restart no longer stops warp

Server improvements

- Improved server-client communication to fix desync issues, movement, combat and object interactions
- Update data in a separate CPU thread (optional)
- Non attached items now automatically despawn on pre-made stations
- Server save file renamed to: hellion_{DATE}.save

Admin commands


Server owners can now set admin rights and allow access to admin commands from GameServer.ini file. Check GameServer.ini for a full list of admin commands.


Pre-made station improvements


-Pre-made stations now use their own specific blueprint json files
-Additional options (lock doors, invulnerability, systems on/off) can be set globally or per module through the station blueprint json file
-Docking ports can be locked/unlocked per module from the json file
-Replaced old stations with new ones for improved immersion


General Improvements


-Added several new emblems to the security interface
-Players can now rename corridor and room labels
-Added a “rent a server” button in the game menu
-Airlock operation improvements
-Airlock collision optimization
-Airlock sound effects
-Door interact animation
-Added tooltips for resources
-Recycler now notifies players if storage is full
-Turret targeting improvements
-Added Warp Drive (FTL) time to environmental panels
-Multiple players can no longer interact with the same system panel
-Changed “grappler” to “anchor” and added specific anchor docking ports for ships and modules
-Initialize warp by absolute solar system time (instead of orbit angles) to prevent getting stuck after broken warp


Bug Fixes


Items disappears when thrown out of modules on some locations
Items and parts disappearing on scene after warp, relog off fix the problem.
Reloging on asteroid with drill in hand will result in disappearance of canister and battery from the drill
Items change position when thrown if two or more players are in the same room
After repairing the repair point there is no timeout it shows up again instantly after you repair it
Server restart or crash cancels warp
Air filter power consumption problem
Significant loss of Steropes RCS thrust if docked to multiple modules structure
Naming a station from authorised CM still shows as OUTPOST
Pilot panel doesn't update after warp, old targets stay on screen they refresh when player opens pilot panel again
Canceling warp, removes custom orbit
Canceling a warp from one system to another brakes warping and it cannot be set again (Fixes it self after server restart)
CBM Cargo interface Servo slot missing
Air processing controller in premade stations lootable Automated Refinery B1
Player logged out of the cryopod shows outside at random position in the large stations
Dropping item in space makes him static when player goes in and out of module
Spawned flag in the CBM. Incorrect place.
Loot distribution not spawning correct amount of set items
Can't locate Fire inside main room of FM when it depressurized
Turrets shoot through CTM objects
Texture gap in ship cargo bay door
Player gets stuck around the ships chair
Player can't reach the glass in the observation deck
Station change gravity
Inventory dupe bug
Servers not showing in the list
Warp through debris field causes damage to the ship and modules towed
Ship small attache points are not accepting all items
Warp towing failure
Warping INTO stations
Panel rendering partially missing in FM
Inventory key collide with ship rename field
Throwing items in space not working while inside module it works fine
Signs instead of quotes in tutorial text on loading screen
Coordinates on Map not matching the ones from Spawn Rules
Don't allow Anchor docking ports to be usable from the module
Everest Station Prefab going missing / changing orbits.
CLM not occluding sunlight inside
Air quality drops while player is driving
Docked CBM's loose ~0.2 pressure after server restart
Debris field in Nav Map does not reflect reality
Saved settings Volume, Invert mouse and Effects are reverted on game start.
Pistol Ammo Clips Oriented Wrong On Shelf
Stuck on game loading (Server problem)
CQM Medkit Storage Is Opaque When Closed
Refine Air not working
Warp not working when player is not inside the ship
EM field controller still lootable in random PSM
Jetpack light shows when using the docking port
Ship shows matched even when not and moving
Power panel - strange capacitor loading while steropes is docked to PSM)
Cell detonator slot - u can use the slot without a need to open it by the button
Solar Panels Missing Material on Doomed outpost
Warp cell consumption not showing correct amount
Jetpack oxygen consumption in cryo pod after server restart
Matching velocity not working on range 116-130m (match velocity indicator is shown)
Navigation map - "warp to" button label behind celestial body label
You can put and get servomotor of Arges' air filter system without opening glass door
Docking Interface lighting / shadow issues.
Arges 'glass box' lighting effect when piloting
Velocity Matched (not docked) Arges appears in CM's Power Interface
Incorrect interact zone for suit cupboard

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