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Singleplayer Update Ready!

Dear Colonists,


Summer is coming! Actually, it has officially started with the summer solstice. A perfect time for the new Hellion update to be released - Singleplayer is now live!


Hellion solo travel deals - 33% off during Steam Summer Sale!


Looking for a way to survive the upcoming summer heat and those long and dreadfully hot days? How about a vacation in the dark and cold vacuum of Hellion? Best consumed in single player mode while floating alone in a debris field. Our dedicated solo traveller concierge at each station will contact you pre-arrival.

You need a quick summer night adventure? We offer you a dark Hellion sandbox playground where you’ll be able to build abomination bases and demolish them with torpedoes. Or maybe you prefer teleporting to locations you’ve never been able to travel to - right to the heart of the Sun. It’s all there, Hellion is open for your experimentation.


We wish you all a beautiful Summer!


Love you all

Zero Gravity team

Posted by Zero Gravity team