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Singleplayer Update Patch Notes

Greetings Colonists,


Did I leave my station in a stable orbit, did I hide it well enough? Where the hell was that fabricator module again? Did I fix my ship before I logged, is it still going to be there when I’m back? What about the base, what if it was too close and someone managed to raid it? Whatever the case might be, the new single player mode has it covered!


Through the magic of save/load you now have all the time in the world to make those split second decisions or plan your next few actions. Regardless if you are a seasoned veteran or a fresh arrival to the Hellion system you can now experiment in peace or learn the ropes at your own pace.


Single player mode will feature two basic game modes: normal and sandbox. Normal puts you in a default starting position but without other players to worry about. It is an excellent choice for new players as it lets them learn all of the game basics and get a hang of Newtonian physics, most notably inertia and zero-g movement. It’s also perfect for those who can’t afford to play the game each and every day. Sandbox mode is meant for players who love experimenting and testing things as it comes with all dev commands unlocked. Activate God mode, spawn all modules, smash them into pieces by launching a torpedo container, build the largest base ever or freely teleport between locations, whatever comes to your mind. Use the game as a playground and feel free to express your creativity.


Singleplayer Update will be deployed on Thursday June 21. Servers will be down from 4PM UTC/9AM PDT until 5PM UTC/10AM PDT. There will be no server wipe this time.


Features and improvements


New single player options added

  • Normal
  • Sandbox + free spawn selection

Added a new menu for using dev commands (Default F2)

Implemented partial texture optimization

Added in-game Data Privacy button for Unity Analytics




Incorrect pistol clip shelf orientation

Disappearing pressure suit after clicking “remove suit” icon

Clustered objects in navigation panel text rapidly changes

Docking panel - all ports listed below a single object

Cannot grapple Fabricator module bug

Debris Junk 002 missing collision

Steropes - force open Airlock opens locked doors

Asteroids missing collision after server restart

Warping into asteroids

Update warp maneuver when entering a new ship

Multiple client errors

Server error (An item with the same key has already been added)


Until tomorrow,

Zero Gravity team

Posted by Zero Gravity team