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Post Exposure Support

Today’s going to be a short post and we are going to address some of the issues following the Exposure update. We are reading through your comments on the Feedback Tracker, Steam, Reddit and Discord and we are fully aware of the problems some you are experiencing. Rest assured we are working on them.


Bugfixes and balancing


Bugfixing is now our number one priority and we are working on addressing some of the most pressing issues. Second on our to-do list is balancing values (damage, debris, items, resources) across the board.

At the moment we are collecting all the feedback we’ve received regarding item values, debris fields, mining and salvaging. Balancing updates will come later once everything had been properly analyzed. Your feedback and ideas are invaluable here, so let us know what you think of both old and new systems, as well as any suggestions you might have.


Patch frequency


We are also returning to the old, two-week patch frequency. Expect the first wave of bugfixes to land in 14 days. Here’s a list of the most pressing issues our team is currently working on:

- Welder stuck on cargo panel during safe haven quest
- Nanite cores losing current hp as well as max hp changing at server restart
- Loot spawning incorrectly across junkyards, resulting in empty stations
- Nanite cores falling out of diffuser attach points
- New players receiving researched blueprints from other players
- Server stuck on loading
- Direction change when entering room trigger (Bouncing off when trying to approach rotating asteroids)
- Teleportation after undocking
- Ship and/or station position change after server restart
- Ship moving in the opposite direction when latency is high
- Module teleport when detaching derelicts with ship anchored to it
- Stuck hand animation after using a hacking tool
- Higher tier Hacking tools totally consumed after one use (Double use on door trigger)
- and more...


Also regarding the “blueprint issue”, as fixing it might require a “blueprint wipe” ([b]not server wipe, just blueprints[/b]), we recommend fabricating a copy of these items so you can research them again afterward.


Another thing to note is that we are working on delivering these upcoming updates without a full server wipe.


That’s all for this post, time to dive back into those debris fields!

Posted by Zero Gravity team