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Patch 0.2.4 Notes

Greetings Hellion survivors!


As we promised a new patch for Hellion is ready to be uploaded tomorrow, a month after the previous one. We had more time to fix some of the bigger issues and make the game more enjoyable. You can check out the list of changes and additional information below.


Patch 0.2.4 will be deployed on Thursday, September 7. Servers will be down from 10AM UTC until 11AM UTC. Servers will be wiped to ensure proper patch deployment.


For private servers:

- Update your server and game client.

- Delete server save files.


NavMap Improvements


- NavMap optimisation.

- NavMap now properly groups overlapping nearby objects. Players can click the group icon to display a list of all nearby objects.

- Ship icon should now always be visible on the NavMap.

- Scanning optimisation.

- Remove warp line when warp finished or failed.

- Removed obsolete NavMap filter options from the interface.


Ship Engine Tweaks


- Ship engine controls reworked. When ship engines are activated (default key ENTER) players can use standard forward/backward controls (default keys W,S) to accelerate/decelerate using engines instead of RCS. Players also have the option to set constant engine thrust values for longer journeys (default keys NUMPAD +,-).

- Engine power consumption tweaked. Power supply screen should now display proper values when the engines are operational.


General Improvements


- Players can now check blog news in-game. In-game home screen changed to fit Blog news.

- Disabled all docking ports on premade stations. Players can no longer dock a Command Module to take ownership of premade stations.

- Removed "Call Ship" and "Distress call" buttons from premade stations.

- Added confirmation before applying video settings.

- Texture quality slider can only be adjusted when in menu (out of game). It is disabled by default when in-game.

- Implemented automatic server restart after a predefined amount of time.

- Added automatic server restart configuration to GameServer.ini file.

- Server info added to server browser list.

- Server info configuration added to the GameServer.ini file.

- Added report server option in server list and server menu.

- Added tooltip information when trying to loot dead bodies (default key F).

- Added missing glossary descriptions for several objects and added Hellion System Zone map to the glossary located under Lore and History tab.

- Loading screen concept art added.

- Server browser visual changes for added server information.


Security Improvements


- All lockable doors linked to the security system. Players who are on the "authorized personnel list" on the ship/command module security panel can now open/close locked doors.

- Ships no longer transfer their security authorization to docked/grappled modules. As a result, turrets that spawn in various modules remain hostile even when module is docked/grappled to the ship.

- Command Modules now properly transfer authorization to all docked modules and turrets.


Optimisation and module improvements


- Double checked optimisation for multiple modules and reworked as necessary.

- Turrets can no longer shoot through walls and closed doors.

- All items can now correctly be picked up from LS nodes in all modules.

- Changed RCS fuel from Nitrogen to Nitro for all modules.

- AltCorp_LifeSupport_Module optimisation.

- AltCorp_Airlock Module optimisation.

- AltCorp_Cargo Module optimisation.

- AltCorp_Crew Quarters Module optimisation.

- Reflection Probe Rework.


Bug fixes


- Not able to pick up battery from ship cargo.

- Ship grappling hook missing collider.

- Cannot pickup slotted ammo from gun magazine attache points.

- Server client communication when matching velocity - results in position change on client.

- Starting module lights not working when low pressure.

- Server errors and crash due to Unhandled Exception.

- Docking ports not showing in the target list after warp and undocking grappled module.

- CQM Med-pack fridge placing med-packs on wrong place when putted in.

- Stuck on connecting to game server no response from server.

- Cannot use SHIFT to grab onto the hull of some modules.

- Life Support Module not working when docked to base.

- Power Consumption Bug. Capacitor draining when Output > Consumption.

- Dockable Container Ports don't work.

- Loot respawns in modules that have been taken by players and attached to their stations.

- Turrets get detached from attach points because of distance optimisation.

- Ship casts lights on planets.

- When default video settings are clicked they should be saved immediately.

- Despawn timer restarts after server reset.

- Airlock Module doors not connected to the security system.

- Sun is bigger on nav map.

- In-game loading icon stays on screen results in unable to get back to the server.

- Power supply panel in PS module inactive.

- After server restart Turrets lose tracers or fire blank shots.

- Cannot pick up items in CM.

- Refined resource Canister has only nitro in it.

- Infinite loading icon and invisible module(s).

- Systems interconnection issue across docked modules.

- Persistence - systems auto reactivate after server restart.

- Spamming call rescue ship button results in multiple ships spawning at outpost.

- Canisters don´t go empty it shows 0 but not empty.

- Unload button on Cargo Panel not working with refined canisters.

- NavMap doesn't update home station button after cryopod change.


Known Bugs List


Fly safe,

Posted by Zero Gravity team