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Patch 0.2.2 Notes

Dear survivors,


Patch 0.2.2 will be released on July 20th. Servers will be down from 10:00 UTC until 11:00 UTC, and they will be wiped to ensure proper patch deployment.


For private servers:

- Update your server and game client

- Delete server save files


Patch notes 0.2.2


Nav-Map improvements:

Completely reworked the Nav-Map. Interface moved to overlay, rather than world-space canvas. Players can expect more functionality, better visibility and improved responsiveness.

- “Warp To” button added to the coordinates screen.
- Custom orbits can now be modified by clicking on arrows over relevant orbit parameters. Changing parameters by clicking and dragging the orbit points is not working at the moment. It will be implemented at a later date.
- Orbital parameters that can be adjusted are now highlighted in green.
- Custom orbit is now automatically removed after warp.
- Added distance to target and power consumption indicators to the warp cell selection screen.
- Initialize warp button is now grayed out if warp maneuver is impossible.

Flight controls improvements:

- Adjusted player camera position when piloting the ship. As a result ship crosshair and radar indicators are now properly synced, eliminating drifting and unwanted offset while flying.

- Lateral speed indicators inverted to be in sync with docking indicators. 

- Improved lateral indicator sensitivity, making them more responsive and easier to use.

Warp Drive improvements:

- Warp speed increased to be in line with recent zone and loot distribution changes. Short distance warp travel should remain roughly the same, but long distance warps now take considerably less time.

- Slightly tweaked how Warp works: 
- Warp 1 - Intended for short distance jumps (changing orbit)
- Warp 2 - Intended for medium distance jumps (Planet -> Moon)
- Warp 3 - Intended for long distance jumps (Planet -> Planet)

- Warp Cell consumption tweaked and increased to compensate for shorter flight times.

Other improvements:

- Server sorting improvement - disabled servers will now always show on the bottom of the list.

- Increased maximum air filtration output of life support nodes from 0.12 to 0.3, making it in line with the maximum filtration capacity of Life Support’s Air Filter System. As a result air quality should improve at a faster rate.

- Added on screen crosshair. It can be toggled on/off from the options menu.

- Weapons now shoot from camera to the center of the screen (crosshair).


- Added Basketball Sound Effects



- Command Module Optimization
- Ship optimization


Bug Fixes:

- Dimed (dark) screen on game launch
- Character camera swapping when interacting with the piloting chair
- Endless loading problem
- Infinite ‘loading’ when game server unavailable after death screen
- Nav-map frame rate drop with multiple objects
- Ship cargo / re-pressurize speed
- Small canister / repeatable animation when holding LMB
- Ship cargo / constant oxygen consumption when depressurized/vented
- Ship cargo oxygen loss when re-pressurizing
- Industrial container missing RCS recourse injector
- Delay in filling jetpack with Small Canister
- Security terminal / doesn't save after server restart or crash
- Press J to warp / overlapping with M on screen
- Fixed stations not showing proper names


Known bugs list:

Posted by Zero Gravity team