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Patch 0.1.13 notes

Hellion patch 0.1.13 will be released on May 11. Servers will be down from 10:00 UTC until 11:00 UTC. Servers will be wiped to ensure proper patch deployment.

For private servers:

- update your server and game client
- delete server save files

New features / Improvements:
  • Main Server Stability - Main server migrated to a new location and implemented advanced monitoring tools.
  • Server optimization:
    • Server Clutter Cleanup - All out of scene items (items not in view range of any active player) will now properly despawn after 5 minutes.
    • Starting Scene Cleanup - All starting scene objects (lifeboat, airlock, ship, derelicts) will automatically despawn after 15 minutes if there is no player assigned to the lifeboat's cryopod. If another player visits the location before the timer runs out, standard despawn timer will take over.
      -settings for private servers: 'starting_set_despawn_time'
    • Print number of objects on server - Number of objects on server will be printed every hour.
      - For private servers print can be enabled/disabled with: 'print_debug_objects=true' option in GameServer.ini (default is false)
  • Random outpost improvements - Replaced the 3 default random outposts with 5 new stations.
    • 3 stations that serve as respawn points when choosing a "random outpost" spawn option. The layout of these stations has been changed to prevent accidental or deliberate venting of all atmosphere inside life support chambers.
    • 2 stations that can be visited and looted for equipment and resources. Loot on these stations is on a standard "random outpost" spawn timer.
    • All five of the new stations have a different layout, unique name and a fixed location within the Hellion system.
  • Ship cargo-airlock sound - added proper pressurization/depressurization sounds to the ship's cargo hold.



Fixed: Clicking continue if no spawn available
Fixed: Docking / pilot and docking UI overlap

Posted by Zero Gravity team