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Hellion's Server Hosting Structure

Greetings colonists!

While we are working on performance improvement and bug fixes, let’s make a quick overview of Hellion’s server hosting structure.

There are more than 700 servers online running Hellion at the moment. It’s a mix of 150 official servers and approximately 550 private servers. Since our goal is to provide the best network environment for Hellion, we’ve made a partnership with premium server providers: BlackBoxServers.Net, and Multiplay for official public Hellion servers; and BlackBoxServers.Net, and uHostPro for private Hellion servers – which can guarantee a quality performance for all of you who want enjoy pub games as well as for those who prefer playing with friends on private dedicated servers.

The war on lag and latency issues has begun and we will emerge triumphant!

Posted by Zero Gravity team