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Hellion at Reboot InfoGamer Conference

Zero Gravity is going to Reboot InfoGamer conference and Hellion is coming in hot!


For Reboot InfoGamer that will take place in Zagreb, Croatia, we are definitely coming in style. Our latest demo build is almost ready and packed to the brim with new features. If you find yourself in the region, drop by and visit our booth located in hall 8A. Be among the first to feel that tingling sensation along your spine as you desperately try to stay alive in the frightening world of Hellion.

Here are some of new screenshots from a little death-match that’s been going on in our offices for the past couple of days during internal testing...


 They sure look unaware. Don't they?


 Why, but why did you bring a drill to the gunfight?


In addition to this rather large station (built by several of our most dedicated testers). Here’s the new Navigation UI that will be used to plot orbital maneuvers and travel from planet to planet.


Now where did I leave that module? 


Oh and we’ve managed to somehow squeeze in a full red giant (aka Hellion), along with Burner, one of the smiling moons of Bethyr. Just don’t get too close, to either of them…


 Burn baby, burn!


 No, it's not gonna split in half! I think...



See you all at InfoGamer!

Posted by Zero Gravity team