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Hellion at Belgrade Games.CON

Looks like we just can’t get a break these days :D Last weekend was once again very interesting as Zero Gravity attended Belgrade Games.CON event. Backed up by several bug fixes and gameplay improvements (courtesy of InfoGamer feedback), Hellion’s latest gameplay was once again presented to an excited audience.

Having passed our trial by fire at InfoGamer we went to Belgrade Games.CON well prepared. Our booth was a bit smaller this time (phew…) and we had only 5 machines instead of 10, making organizing everything and introducing new people to the world of Hellion much easier as our staff could devote more time to explain the features and basic mechanics to numerous guests.

Same rules applied as before, new gamers would initially feel confused and overwhelmed by full Newtonian physics and zero-g movement, often falling prey to the hardships of vacuum as soon as they left the safety of their cryochambers. Our staff would usually jump in at this point and take new survivors through basic training explaining the “magic” behind inertia, oxygen and limited fuel supply.


Our cute booth


Once our guests started feeling comfortable with the core gameplay mechanics we had a chance to witness some very interesting events.


One of our miners had his ship stolen by another survivor.


Where's my ship going?


A simple mining trip turned into a desperate race against time as he tried to reach safety before his oxygen and fuel ran out, his only hope, a distant silhouette of a ship, a dark shape barely recognizable against the hellish glow of the rising red giant. By the time our miner reached the ship his fuel and oxygen were all but depleted.  


There is still hope...


He grabbed onto the hull and began pulling himself towards the airlock, his vision slowly fading as he gasped for air. When the airlock doors finally slammed behind him, he was hanging on by a thread, but he made it.


Low oxygen, low fuel ... will I make it?


We had many stories like this one and seeing people play our game with such enthusiasm really was an amazing experience. Our hat is off to you guys!



Zero Gravity staff

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