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First content update for Hellion

Hello space survivors,


Today we bring you a sneak peek at the new content planned for Hellion’s first major update (v.0.2).


It has been almost two weeks since Early Access launch and all we can say is – what a ride! We knew we were making something special but the initial reaction is something that we did not expect. The overwhelming support and massive feedback we had received will take some extra time to fully sink in. But the fact that you’ve all realized the potential of Hellion and envisioned what it could become is what we are most grateful for. That is the purpose behind the Early Access model: listening to the community and building the world of Hellion together.


What are our plans for the future? First of all, we want to solve all the bugs and issues that you are regularly reporting. Developers are doing their best in order to stabilize the game so you can enjoy the space without overly friendly asteroids, lag, desync, etc. With every new patch the situation should improve and Hellion should run more smoothly.


In the meantime, a smaller section of the team is working on bringing new content to the Hellion system. So, what to expect from this first major update? Well, one of the things we noted is that you really liked the protagonist from the Hellion cinematic trailer. FYI She is actually really good at this game. The v0.2 update will introduce the option of selecting between male and female characters. Furthermore, we are bringing some additional guns that your chosen guy or a girl can try out.


Over the las few weeks we have seen a lot of interesting architectural solutions for your stations. This leads us to the conclusion that you’ve gotten the hang of base building. Let’s see what you can do with a new type of module coming in this update.


And for all of you interested in the background story? Sharpen up your exploration skills and start looking for logs scattered around derelict modules and stations that might just shed some light on the events leading to your awakening.


Add to all of this some new tools and items to discover and your story is sure to get a new twist.


See you all in the black,

Zero Gravity team

Posted by Zero Gravity team