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Exposure - Patch Notes

Sorry for the delayed patch notes everyone, we are still working on some last minute improvements. Expect Exposure to go live today, March 7th. Servers will be down from 4PM GMT/8AM PST until 5PM GMT/9AM PST. Servers will be wiped to ensure proper patch deployment.

Radiation and Armor




Replaced the old degradation mechanic with a new radiation and armor system. Radiation is the measure of overall exposure to both EM and Ionizing radiation at any given location in the Hellion system. It increases the further away players are from the starting zone. Radiation deals damage over time to both modules and EVA players without adequate protection.


Nanite Cores


Nanite Cores serve as a direct counter to radiation damage. These parts can be placed inside a new Nanite Diffuser system found in all ships and modules. Nanite Cores add a layer of armor over the hull preventing damage from any source up to their maximum armor value.


  • Navigation map information for radiation factor
  • Environmental panel warnings for radiation factor




  • Mining nods
  • Gas pockets
  • New mining resources




  • Items blueprint research in the fabricator
  • Blueprints tab in the inventory screen
  • Shredder added to fabricator module
  • Default crafting items
  • New salvage resources




  • Nanite core item
  • Storage Box
  • Diamond core drill bits
  • EVA and MK9 suits tiers
  • EVA and MK9 helmet tiers
  • EVA and MK9 jetpack tiers
  • Turret tiers
  • Raw recourse canister tiers
  • Refined recourse canister tiers
  • Mining drill tiers
  • Asteroid scanner tiers




  • Disabled docking access for stations with CM when current player is not authorized
  • Hacking port and locking mechanism added on both sides of the security doors
  • Authorization required for locking and unlocking doors




  • Returned cargo to Arges ship
  • Sun exposure Solar Panels tweak
  • Shelves added to starter module
  • Battery powered helmets
  • Refactored EVA and MK9 helmet UI
  • Armor against radiation added to suits
  • Screenshot mode added to “F10”
  • Portable turrets are now destroyed when shot
  • Empty magazines now disappear autoamtically
  • Asteroids are always visible on map
  • Core containment slots added to Outpost x1, SPM x2, PSM x3
  • Nanite core armor value on environment panels
  • Nanite core armor value on life support panel
  • Timer for nanite core on environmental panel
  • Double click an item to put it in inventory
  • Health and armor values in inventory UI
  • Drill can now hurt other players
  • Weapon accuracy, recoil and damage tweaks
  • Turret damage, HP and armor tweaks
  • Hirath moved between Bethyr and Askatar
  • Replaced random modules spawning around planets and moons with junkyards
  • Added asteroids and new resource distribution for all relevant planets and moons
  • Added asteroids to doomed orbits
  • Added several additional doomed outposts to Ia, Nimath, Athnar and Askatar
  • Loot distribution, added new item tiers to loot tables
  • Loot distribution, reduced the overall number of items spawning throughout the Hellion system to put added emphasis on blueprint, research and crafting




  • Small rotation movement causes a module to shake and bounce off the player
  • Vessel rotation automatic stabilization not working as intended
  • Stuck in cryopod at start of the game
  • Recycler not accepting items, while showing recycle details
  • When there are two airlocks docked together, the undock levers are not useable.
  • Docking orientation - controls not working as they should when docking other modules trough Steropes docking UI
  • Inventory character preview jetpack misplaced in hands
  • Warp To Outpost HUD marker for quest item appearing in wrong place - at center of the parent planet
  • Aegis Assault Rifle - cannot be stowed in weapon stands in outposts or ships
  • "Replanish" on the Life Support screen should be spelled "Replenish"
  • Losing materials if cancel fabrication
  • Cryopod glitch - outpost airflow result in glitching while in cryopod
  • Delete Save Game - typo in "Are you sure you want to delte save game?"
  • In the ESC menu, Quick Save is misspelled "QUCK SAVE"
  • Singleplayer: (Auto-)Save while being in module RCS-Console bugs out RCS control
  • Cargo panel error
  • Recycler UI fix, when cargo is full
  • The wrong position of items dropped/thrown (G) while in space
  • Press 2 for navmap shows after exiting the pilot seat
  • An item placed on the attachment not updating 3D character view
  • Missing drill sounds
  • Bullet decals bug on the turret (attache point triggers are being hit)
  • Invisible repair point on Steropes Bridge (broken glass and hole decal)
  • Targets in junkyard Ship_001 removal
  • Wrong outfit tier color after spawn/relog
  • Game unresponsive after docking module destruction
  • Delay while moving items in inventory
  • Solar panels on the solar power module initially retracted (system OnLine)
  • Resource injector doesn't reduce O2 & N2 consumption in air generator
  • Outpost Gravity Switch - initialization bug

Posted by Zero Gravity team