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Exposure patch 0.4.2 delayed for next week

Although we have fixed a number of very serious issues already, we will be delaying the update until we are certain that a few more problems have been properly resolved and fully tested. Most notably the falling out nanite cores bug and the core HP loss. In addition to bug fixing we are also improving the way glossary works and the amount of information displayed in both glossary and item descriptions.


Here’s the current progress on various issues:


Fixed and being tested - Damage to modules even with the correct tier nanite cores
Fixed and being tested - Helmet and jetpack disappearing in some cases
Fixed and being tested - Module in wrong position after undocking
Fixed and being tested - Warp exit point or warp interrupt is not where it should be
Fixed and being tested - Crafting Higher Tier Hacking tools has the same resources
Fixed and being tested - Fried Electronics do not fit in Transport Box
Fixed and being tested - No loot spawning in and outside of doomed outposts around Nimath
Fixed and being tested - Asteroids on unstable orbits around Sinha spawn too close to collision
Fixed and being tested - Fabricator item resource requirements half visible
Fixed and being tested - Decorative items missing from the blueprint list
Being worked on - Module not visible on approach
Being worked on - The higher tier of Air filters not craftable
Being worked on - Nanite cores falling out of diffuser slots
Being worked on - Ship pushing in the opposite direction when latency is high

Posted by Zero Gravity team