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Exposure 0.4.2 Patch notes

With mandatory announcements out of the way let’s go over what you can expect from the update and why it took so long to deploy. As you know Exposure update eliminated the old degradation system and introduced the new radiation damage mechanic. This in turn brought to light several issues from older updates that have so far managed to slip through mostly undetected. So we had to do a lot of testing in order to isolate and remove various glitches that caused some of the more pressing matters, disappearing stations being the most notable one. We also took time to address some of the issues that arose from various tweaks to the security system, ultimately forcing us to make a full overhaul. Below is the full list of changes.

Security System Changes

For the most part, security system works as before as most of the changes went into the code behind it. Now the system recognizes only two potential states when determining what a player can or cannot do. These are No Authorization and No Security System present.

No Security System
present means that there is no Command Module attached to the station. In this case the following is true for ALL PLAYERS:

  • Docking access granted - players can dock ships or modules to the station
  • Docking leavers unlocked - players can add or remove station modules
  • Security door controls unlocked - players can lock or unlock security doors.
  • Full airlock access - players can open/close doors and use pressurize/depressurize
  • System access granted - players can access all systems and transfer cargo
  • IFF system disabled - Turrets are locked in place and hostile to all players

No Authorization
means that there is a Command Module attached to the station. All ships have security by default. In this case the following is true for ALL UNAUTHORIZED PLAYERS:

  • Docking access denied - players cannot dock ships or modules to the station
  • Docking leavers locked - players cannot add or remove station modules
  • Security door controls locked - players cannot unlock doors without a hacking tool
  • Limited Airlock access - players cannot open/close “locked doors” or use pressurize/depressurize
  • System access denied - players cannot access any systems or cargo
  • IFF system active - Turrets are locked in place and hostile to unauthorized players


In this scenario unauthorized players need to “break into the station or ship” by using hacking tools to open locked doors and make their way to the security console on the upper deck of the Command module or the ship’s bridge. In case of the locked airlock doors invaders must first hack the locked door and then use the airlock panel to “override” door controls, venting any air in case of pressure difference. Turrets can only be stolen if first disabled by an EMP grenade.

Keep in mind that this system is true for “all stations” in the Hellion system regardless of whether or not they are claimed by players. Since Hellion is in its current state of disrepair, old security codes no longer work and many stations and ships were reset to their default values, meaning that players do not have to hack a security console, only claim it. However, there are ships and stations that still retain their old authorization codes and will be hostile no matter what you do.

Glossary Improvements

We’ve also remade Glossary from scratch. Glossary can now be accessed directly from the character screen by clicking on the glossary icon in the top left corner. It has been updated with new information for all ships, systems, modules, resources and equipment. So in case you want to make sure that that Tier 4 part you were planning on getting is really worth the effort, head over to the glossary and check its bonuses before hand.

Premade and Quest station improvements

We took another look at various junkyards and stations found within them. There was a bit of confusion regarding various stations and whether they could be dismantled and if they were claimable or not. To address this problem we have updated the docking lever model for all disabled levers with some broken glass to better indicate that the docking controls are in fact damaged and inoperable. In addition, most of these stations have a security panel removed from the Command Module and they cannot be claimed by the players. As a rule of thumb, if the docking levers are damaged the security panel is also missing. This is only the case on several quest stations and various doomed outposts.

We’ve also looked into the Arges issue. As some of you know, Arges was only obtainable by following the storyline, but this did not sit well with many of the experienced players and it caused people to “camp” its spawn point. The ship can now be found within the junkyard as part of a ruined station, but in order to keep it somewhat rare it is only present in one junkyard.

Official server number decrease


With this update, we will also decrease the number of Official servers. However, it doesn't mean we are decreasing the number of physical servers we are only decreasing the number of game server instances. The reason why we are doing so is that it appears that on all locations third and fourth servers have very low populations. So we had decided to lower the number of game server instances in order to bring players together and to also free extra server resources and improve server performance. We will monitor the servers and we are of course able to bring more of them up should the need arise


Bug fixes


The primary purpose of this update. As there are quite a few of them we will not go over each and every one of them in detail, but will instead describe the most difficult ones and show others as a simple list. We also want to thank the members of the Testing Squad and everyone who helped us out by sending detailed bug reports and save files.


Disappearing station bug - this one was probably the most annoying one and it proved very hard to catch, as it could be caused by several different issues, all resulting in a similar outcome. With the 0.4.2 player stations no longer disappear under mysterious circumstances and can only be destroyed due to radiation, collisions or deliberate self-destruct sequence.


Items falling out of their attach points - another very problematic issue. We’ve tracked down most if not all causes of this bug but if you encounter it again (we haven’t managed to reproduce it even once after the fix) make sure to report it and we will look into it asap. Also know that this only a client issue, as all items are still located in their proper places server side and a relog fixes the problem immediately. In case of nanite cores since all damage is calculated server side, your base will not take any damage even if the bug occurs.


Inconsistent radiation damage - this was the primary cause of modules taking damage even with the proper tier nanite cores equipped. It happened due to the way server calculated radiation damage, as it would in the case of occasional lag, just add up all damage from the last few seconds and apply it instantly. This is no longer the case and “unexpected solar flares” as the more severe case of this bug was nicknamed will no longer happen. “Intentional solar flares” on the other hand might happen in the future :D


Item stuck in cargo slot during Safe Haven quest - an old issue from the Rude Awakening update. We had to redo the scripting behind it and players are now able to place and remove items freely during and after the quest.


Other Bug Fixes

  • Server error that caused a server to get stuck (Client stuck on loading while connecting to server)
  • Helmet and Jetpack disappears from player sometimes
  • Module teleport/desync when undocking in some cases
  • Unable to hack doors on Steropes ship
  • Items fall out of attachment points when the player approaches his base or predefined stations
  • Warp sometimes does not end where warp course was set
  • Unable to crafting higher tier hacking tools
  • Fried Electronics does not fit in Transport Box
  • Loot doesn't spawn in and outside of doomed outposts around Nimath
  • Sons of Earth Mk9 Suite does not fit in dedicated suite storage slots
  • Aegis assault rifle unable to be placed in rifle storage slots
  • Asteroids on unstable orbits around Sinha spawn too close to collision
  • Fabricator UI some item resource requirement row half visible
  • Decorative items missing in blueprint list
  • Fried Electronics does not fit on medium slots
  • Drill bit not losing HP when mining
  • Security not working as intended, players were allowed to use unauthorized systems
  • Client exception: NullReferenceException in SpaceObjectVessel.set_Forward
  • Client exception: 'NullReferenceException' in PortableTurret.get_BaseVesselSystem()
  • LSM Air Generator resource Injector incorrect scale when placed into slot
  • Weapon shots going through the glass
  • Arges / Mule No Warp and Airlock air cycle sound
  • Military Nanite core wrong health after the server restart
  • Arges Nanites core incorrect information on the Life Support panel
  • Carbon filters with 0% health continue to work
  • Value for mining drill is incorrect (Speed, Battery Consumption)
  • Echoes from the past Asteroid transmitter quest not being triggered on player approach
  • Fabricator standard docking port name incorrect
  • Player station doesn't show as one structure on Navmap it shows as multiple modules
  • Station disappears after attaching modules from Junkyards and warping from them
  • Mouse-over pop-up always shows full O2/NOx white bars on the Jetpack
  • Station not being named correctly on radar/map when command module is present
  • On save file name of the module is from scene name not ingame name
  • Server undocking exception (player unable to go back to the game after relog)


General Improvements


  • Default resources removed from all modules
  • New icon added for the transport box
  • Increased resources on asteroids
  • Tiers added for Air-Filter
  • Research and Recycle icons on attach points
  • Removed unused Asteroid.json file
  • Recourse consumption information on Life Support System UI
  • Remove server restart and ship damage notification from the chat

Posted by Zero Gravity team