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Exposure 0.4.1 Patch Notes

As you are all aware Exposure update did come with a few “issues”, some more annoying than others. However we’ve managed to get the first round of fixes out of the oven a bit sooner than expected. The update will be landing in two days, March 20th.

We’ve gathered quite a bit of feedback and are implementing some balance changes as well as addressing some of the worst bugs reported, most notably Nanite Core HP glitch and cores falling out of Nanite Diffuser slots. Also keep in mind that we will be wiping the blueprints, so have those replacement parts ready for research.

Here are the full patch notes for this update:




Debris Field Damage Reduction around Bethyr and its moons - Initial values were a tad bit too high which made recovering from even the small mistakes extremely difficult. Our goal here is to keep the game hard, but fair.

Spawn Rules Loot increase - we have found that the frequency at which players would obtain new items and crafting materials was too low considering the risks involved.

- Increased the number of items that spawn around the starting region
- Greatly increased the number of scrap items that spawn throughout the entire system

Military Nanite Core HP Increase - base HP increased from 22.000 to 30.000

- this change will affect only the the cores that are crafted or spawned after the update


- Destroyed Steropes base armor tweak
- Headlights from Arges showing on planets
- Higher tier Hacking tools totally consumed by one use (Double use on door trigger)
- Nanite cores losing current hp as well as max hp changing at server restart.
- Loot spawning incorrectly across junkyards, resulting in empty stations
- Nanite cores falling out of diffuser slots
- Stuck hand animation after using the hacking tool
- Researched blueprints from other players showing up for new players
- Recall_Coordinates quest missing
- Arges engine not able to start
- Players getting thrown off when trying to grab onto a rotating module


That's all for the this update. Stay tuned for future changes and updates.

Until next time, fly safe!

Posted by Zero Gravity team