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Exploration Update - Patch Notes

Exploration update is finally ready for deployment and with it a bunch of new features and bug fixes. Update will be arriving in Hellion today, June 25th at “time”. Servers will be down from 4PM GMT/8AM PST until 5PM GMT/9AM PST. Servers will be wiped to ensure proper patch deployment. All current single player saves will be incompatible with the new version. Private server owners please delete server save files.


Warp Drive Changes 


New Warp tiers  - there are now 5 warp tiers available: Emergency Warp (Warp E), Warp 1, 2, 3 and 4. Faster warp is unlocked by using a higher tier Singularity Cell Detonator.


Emergency Warp - extremely slow warp that requires a lot of power and does not consume Warp Cells. It cannot be used to tow any additional modules.


Base Warp Cell Consumption - all standard warp tiers now have a base Warp Cell consumption in addition to regular consumption. This makes faster warps less fuel efficient when moving across short distances.


Mass Based consumption - regular warp cell consumption is now affected by the combined mass of modules you are attempting to move.


Mass based towing - number of modules you can take with you into warp is now based on their mass. Maximum towing capacity is directly affected by your ship’s mass amplified by the installed SCD. Emergency Warp cannot tow any additional modules.


New Warp Cell tiers - Warp Cells are now available in 4 tiers of increasing capacity.


Scanning mechanic


Players can now use NavMap to scan for distant objects using the new Scanning Interface. Scan results depend on the radar’s sensitivity, amplified by the installed Radar Signal Amplifier, distance to object and object’s signature value. Scan results are further affected by debris fields, proximity to the star and planetary modifiers. Object’s signature depends on the number of docked modules and online systems.


Passive Radar - automatically tracks nearby objects and warp signatures in a 360 radius around your ship.

Active Radar - used to actively search for new contacts on the NavMap


New Navmap icons:

  • Green outline - known object, currently within ship’s passive radar range
  • Orange outline - known object, currently beyond ship’s passive radar range
  • White brackets - new contact
  • Purple sphere - unknown contact, scan sensitivity too low to provide accurate info
  • Blue sphere - warp signature
  • Green cone - local warp signature direction


Advanced start locations


These are alternate character starts that can be unlocked by progressing through the main story line. These are intended for experienced players and offer increased challenge and better starting equipment.

  • Stranded Miner
  • Jailbreak
  • Son of Earth




  • Damage effects added for low HP modules
  • Map objects persistence
  • New Quest: A Proper Warp Drive
  • New Quest: Exposure Protection
  • New Quest: Industrial Fabrication
  • Changed Quest: A Rude Awakening (tasks players with picking up Nanite Core instead of Warp Cell)
  • Turret tier indicators added (Glowing colors) 
  • Improved warp animation


  • Heaven moved to a higher orbit
  • Item weight changes
  • Network optimization
  • Civilian Nanite core HP increase
  • Warp endpoint deviation added
  • New stations added
  • Changed positions for existing stations
  • Most Stations removed from “always visible”
  • Asteroids removed from “always visible”
  • Anchor docking port disabled for all quest stations
  • Unlocked RCS controls access for all premade stations


Bug fixes

  • Ship auto stabilize on Q and E rotation when an option is turned off 
  • Scanned ships stay on NavMap after scanning
  • Server restart timer notification missing
  • Game crash due to sound engine problem
  • Haven orbit intersecting with Burner
  • Knossos Residential and Knossos Terminal have anchor port dock available
  • Catalyst losing HP when generating power
  • Incorrect damage from weapons
  • Towed modules and ships do not properly update celestial bodies when entering gravity zone
  • Resume warp effect & countdown timer after relog
  • Server getting stuck on player logout problem
  • Map icons overlap

Posted by Zero Gravity team