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Exploration 0.5.2 Update

What’s up space survivors, ex-colonists and as of late, space pirates. How’s Hellion treating you? With the holiday season in full swing, this update took quite a bit of time
and effort to push out. Spoiler warning! It’s mostly bug fixes and balance tweaks. Nevertheless let’s dive right into it and see what 0.5.2 has to offer. New patch will be deployed on Thursday, August 15th. Servers will be down from 2PM GMT/7AM PST until 3PM GMT/8AM PST.


- Servers will be wiped to ensure proper patch deployment
- Private server owners please delete server save files
- Single player users please delete save files or start a new game


- Battery in helmet not depleting after server restart
- Duplicating items
- Radar amplifier not working in Arges
- Industrial Container is now invulnerable when docked
- Steropes broken glass repair point is now visible
- Player owned turrets not saving values in persistence following a server restart

Improvements and balance changes:

- Added T1 Catalyst to Starting outpost shelf
- Added Recharge Stations to Steropes Airlock
- Reworked Recharge Stations to accept 3 batteries instead of just 1
- Medium/Small storage shelves to Steropes Airlock
- Added 2 Hand Canisters with Oxygen/Nitro to Starting Rescue Ship
- Removed a full T1 Warp Cell from called Rescue ship to prevent exploits
- Randomized Haven Outpost orbital values making it harder to find
- Improved SPM power output to 4x150 at full exposure
- Improved Solar Panel exposure factor of Outpost and SPM’s to +25%
- Acheron Station made fully invulnerable to avoid problems during Walking in Her Shoes
- Reduced scanning bonuses of higher tier Signal Amplifiers
- Reduced the signature radius of all max HP modules by 50%
- Greatly increased signature radius of damaged modules
- Stranded Miner advanced start tweaks: removed asteroid, extra loot, ensured that Abandoned Arges isn’t destroyed shortly after start
- Minor quest improvements (triggers, descriptions, etc.)

Posted by Zero Gravity team