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Devblog #45 - Next Steps in Hellion Development

Dear colonists,


It’s been some time since many of you experienced a rather Rude Awakening, but at least you had Theona to hold your hand and guide you through the wastes of Hellion. Hopefully you are safe with your station in a high orbit… Wait… You did remember to move your station to a higher orbit. Right?


As you might’ve noticed, we’ve been rather silent recently. After the Rude Awakening was released, we had our work cut out for us making hotfixes and collecting all the feedback you sent us. With all the changes we introduced it was very important for us to see your reactions and comments.


Feedback we gathered led us to several very important conclusions and helped us decide on our next steps. These should result in the next Hellion update and that’s why we now believe it’s time for moving to the Second Phase of development. Our Trello board will be updated by next week, so you can get an insight into what we plan to do. Also, we’ll resume our standard communication and we’ll be once again available on Discord, Feedback tracker and Twitter.


This break helped us realize a few very important things and helped us understand that many of our early thoughts and ideas were not a match to the way you are playing and enjoying Hellion. These can be placed into two most basic categories. First, there are technological boundaries that will not be crossed any time soon and with full orbital mechanics implemented, in a multiplayer environment, we are already walking on the edge of what’s possible. Second, what we often thought our players wanted proved to be not always in accordance with your (players’) needs, resulting in a less than optimal experience. That’s why we are so thankful for this last batch of feedback.


We really needed this break in order to make proper decisions that we hope will please both players and us as developers. And that’s the beauty of Early Access because here we are - making Hellion together.


See you all next week when we are going to dive deeper into our plans.


Until then fly safe,

Zero Gravity

Posted by Zero Gravity team