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Devblog #43 - Rude Awakening at Your Doorstep

Howdy space cowboys!


It’s only two days until the Rude Awakening release! For all of you out there feeling itchy under your skin, we hope you’ll like this huge Hellion lore scratch. So, what is Rude Awakening all about? We defined two important goals for this update. And today we’ll talk about them. Also, we are going to give you the schedule for the next two days and some important changes regarding our community.


First order of business is the story component of the new update. This is an important building block for the final image of Hellion and includes a rich lore we already had in a library of documentation. So why do we think this is so important in a multiplayer game, you might ask? Well, if you want an immersive experience, you have to dive into the setting in which suspension of disbelief is turned on. Rude Awakening provides the explanation for the events that transpired in Hellion and will allow you to understand your role in this massive expedition, as well as what exactly made you a survivalist on the ropes. This is important for achieving immersion and helps to create a powerful multiplayer role-playing experience in the future. Since the story is told through missions and quests, it also helps with getting new players on board, since in the past, many of them felt completely lost when trying out Hellion for the first time. Do you remember your first experience in Hellion?


Second, we made some important changes to the Hellion inventory. It has been tuned for easier manipulation of items and storage. This is an important change that had to be made at this very moment in time since it sets the cornerstone for all of the new content we are planning to introduce in the near future. Some of you had the chance of experiencing a rather unpleasant situation where all your hard scavenging, salvaging and pirate work went south by clipping through the floor of your beloved ship. Considering how rage inducing this is we had taken extra steps to severely reduce chances of this happening and eventually eliminate it completely.


Beside these two major goals, a ton of other changes are coming in this update. Let’s just mention some of them: 3D character preview, new textures for planets and moons, Steam achievements and many more that will improve the quality of life during your stay in the world of Hellion. In addition we have a new round of optimization and bug fixes, coming directly from all the reports you’ve been making. it should result in a more enjoyable overall gameplay experience. A full list of changes and improvements will be in the Patch 0.3 notes coming out tomorrow (Wednesday).


If you want to take a sneak peek at the new update, you can join us tomorrow on Twitch as we’ll be talking with Hellion’s community moderators about the state of the game and its future. The stream is planned for Wednesday 28th November no earlier than 8PM GMT. If you have any questions feel free to put them in the chat. We will announce the schedule for streams with devs tomorrow on our Twitter.


There is one more thing we want to share with you. We are reworking our website with the aim of making it more informative and transparent in terms of what Hellion is all about. As the new website goes live, it will mark the end of the Hellion forums. This should be perceived as a consequence of inability of Zero Gravity team to cover all channels of communication. Since Hellion is still in Early Access, communication with players is one of the main pillars of our development process and we want to focus all communication on Steam forums and Discord. These two channels are the ones we can cover at any time and are the places where your opinions and suggestions have the highest chance of being heard by us, developers. Before we shut down the forums we will pull out all the interesting suggestions and ideas and store them in our community backlog. Now, we want to say thanks to all forum members for helping us make Hellion a better game.


Until Thursday,

Posted by Zero Gravity team