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Devblog #34 Singleplayer Update Preview

Hello dear colonists,

We’ve been hard at work over here at Zero Gravity to bring out the next update for our fans. As the title of the update suggests, a single-player mode will be added to Hellion. It’s coming out next week, on June 21. And the additional very important info is that the update will not require a server wipe.


Single-player mode


We were always aware of the fact that many of you out there wanted to experience Hellion as a lonely survivor of the gigantic catastrophe that happened to the Expedition. Playing the game alone has its special under the skin feeling that can be hard to achieve in a multiplayer environment. Not to mention that save/load system can be especially useful in conserving resources and avoiding mistakes. And needless to say it offers an alternative for people who couldn’t otherwise enjoy the game due to internet connection problems.


Single-player mode will allow those who do not want to deal with other players an opportunity to explore Hellion’s background story and quests at their own pace, without the risk of interference, once the quests are fully implemented, of course. It will allow new players to learn basics of the game without having to start over in standard game mode and let experienced players test various ideas and station designs in sandbox mode.



Server and game optimization


We are fully aware of the current issues that have been plaguing our servers over the last few weeks. That is why we have dedicated most of our work to improving server stability and optimizing server-client communication. More detailed description of these changes will be given in the patch notes next week, after the final round of testing is completed.


Another part of our work on optimization includes partial scene texture and lighting improvements that should allow the game to run smoother. You can see the changes in the images below.




As we’ve mentioned before, this update will not require a server wipe and also represents an important milestone for us as it allows us to deploy smaller updates and fixes without resetting player progress. Wipes are still necessary for updates that affect large portions of the game but with future improvements we believe we can find a way around this and offer you a truly persistent universe.

All of these changes should help us tell many stories in the world of Hellion, stories meant for both solo players and groups of adventurers alike. And that’s why we are so excited about future updates as we will finally be in a position to bring you new content on regular basis. Most importantly, we are looking forward to seeing your own unique stories.

See you soon,

Zero Gravity

Posted by Zero Gravity team