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Devblog #14 - Shooting hoops in space


Dear colonists,


As we’ve mentioned, before we introduce the “story element”, we believe it is necessary to introduce a few more features to the game. Some may argue that most of these are just cosmetic, but even cosmetic items have the potential to tell a story if placed correctly. One such item, coming up in 0.2.0, is the ability to throw some hoops in space. Yup, time for some space jam!


Basketball? In space?! What the hell, devs? How does that fit anywhere? Well, we’re glad you asked. The answer is “believable characters”. One of our main goals is to create a compelling story that will drive the players to explore the mystery behind the destruction of Hellion. The idea is to tell the story from the point of view of those involved in the events. Most of them were just average people not so different from people of today. Some were taking their duties seriously, while others took them… well, less seriously. So, in order for their stories to make sense we needed a new environment where the logs you find wouldn’t seem out of place. Hence the ball and the hoop!


Hellion Space Jam


Jokes aside, basketball stuff is one of the new additions you will be able to find as you explore the world and navigate through some of the “new areas” we are introducing in 0.2.0. It is only natural to assume that men and women of the Altair Corporation had various ways to pass time. After all they couldn’t have been working all the time, right? Along with recreation, they probably had some kind of living quarters and a way to customize them to their liking, otherwise their stay in Hellion wouldn’t be pleasant at all… So back to the court and the ball. Aside from looking cool in someone’s resting area, the hoop is also an item you can take with you and place it anywhere within your ship or station.



While we did have ideas to implement some form of recreational activity, the inspiration came from a video above, uploaded by a creative Hellion player, titled “What to do when bored at your space station”. A few of our devs really liked it and there you have it. We believe it’s a fun little addition and that it might just make some of your ships and stations look a bit closer to home. Just as it did for the people before you.


See you all in Hellion,

Zero Gravity team

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