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Devblog #12 - Story behind the 0.2.0 update

Dear colonists,


A female character, new module, new weapons, improved tools and something about the background story and lore… How exactly do all of these things correlate and do they even have anything in common? Where’s the catch? What’s connecting them? Well, starting with today, we are going to shed some light on all of these new features, the creative process behind them and how exactly do they help refresh your lost “colonial memory”.


Background story was always one of the cornerstones of Hellion, the missing link designed to breathe life into an otherwise desolate and lonely universe. Something to give meaning and context to your struggle for survival. Story is, for the most part, not something one would expect in a survival game. The usual concept often provides little or no information to the players, aside from there was a disaster and you are one of the few who managed to survive. The rest is left to the players to “design their own stories” through gameplay. Hellion is a bit different in this regard, there is more to it then you wake up after a disaster and must find your own way.


How did you end up where you did? Where is everyone else? Why are only a handful of colonists awake while all the others are still asleep? Why are all these modules scattered around and why does future seem more backwards than the present in many aspects? But more importantly, why is it that you cannot die? How come that each time you are blown out of the airlock, shot or struck, you always wake up? This is where the background story comes in, answering these and many other questions that will arise along your journey. We want to create a consistent setting where all elements work together to deliver meaningful content.


Still, some preparations had to be made before these bits and pieces of lore could find their way into the game. Locations, gameplay and lore must come together to create the right atmosphere for the story to take root. This new content will serve to “set the stage” for future content that will bit by bit let you unravel the mystery behind Hellion. Our goal is to spark your imagination in preparations for bigger updates. So, do not expect every question answered with 0.2.0 update. In order to achieve this, we first need to introduce female characters, a few new modules and several items and new features that will help us tell the story “the right way”.


Over the next few weeks we will go deeper into each of the new features and how they combine to tell the story of Hellion. As always, we will follow through with some of the concept art and work in progress from our creative department that should provide insight into our development process.



Zero Gravity team

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