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Craftwork Update Patch Notes

What’s up everyone? The wait is over and the Craftwork Update is upon us and with it the next major feature of Hellion: Crafting! Along with being able to build parts, suits, weapons, etc the new update comes with a myriad of improvements to basic systems, user interface as well as a large number of bug fixes and quality of life improvements.


Craftwork Update will be deployed today (Thursday, March 1). Servers will be down from 5PM UTC/9AM PT until 6PM UTC/10AM PT. Servers will be wiped to ensure proper patch deployment.

For private servers:

- Update your server and game client

- Delete save files


New Features


Crafting mechanic - starting with the Craftwork update players will have the option of crafting any piece of equipment in the game, from parts and warp cells to suits and turrets. Crafting is only possible from the new Fabricator module and requires new crafting resources alloys, carbon fibers and circuits as well as old refined resources.


  • Crafting resources can be obtained by placing existing items in the Fabricator’s recycling unit. Note that recycling items will yield only a fraction of their manufacturing cost.
  • New “scrap items” added. These items can only be found on derelicts and will yield a high amount of crafting resources when recycled.
  • Fabricator module added to the game.


Volumetric Lighting added -volumetric lights option can be toggled on/off from the options menu.


Major system improvements


Major improvements to airlocks, life support system, cargo interface and the security interface.


  • Air added as a new resource. Air can be transferred between cargo holds and can be refined back into Oxygen and Nitrogen when needed.
  • Air Tank storage added to the life support system. This tank serves as storage for pressurizing and depressurizing rooms and airlocks.
  • Air Generator now produces air that is immediately stored inside the air tank.
  • All rooms can now be pressurized/depressurized or vented from the LS interface.
  • Players will now start suffocating when the Air Quality in a room reaches 20% instead of 0. Interface panels have been updated to account for these changes.
  • CO2 filters now completely eliminate oxygen consumption of the Air Filter but slowly degrade with use.
  • Airlocks now operate much faster and require a working life support to operate. Without space in the Air Tank or a working life support players will only have the option to override the airlock and vent the air.
  • Changed the cargo interface to be in line with the visual changes to the Power Supply and Life Support interface.
  • Nitrogen Minerals renamed to Nitrates, Heavy Ice replaced with Regolith and Deuterium replaced with Helium-3.
  • Changed all resource icons for improved visibility.
  • Adding Command module to your base will now prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing any of the system panels.
  • Locked all outside maintenance shaft hatches to prevent players from bypassing locked doors.
  • Added Life Support and Power Supply interface panels to the Command Module.


Propulsion changes

  • Warp with multiple modules. Up to 3 docked modules can now be moved at once at the cost of increased Warp Cell consumption (x2, x3, x4).
  • Ship engines can now properly be used to change orbits of docked stations.


User Interface Improvements


  • Added “Join Hellion on Discord” option to the game menu
  • Added Gamepedia link to the game menu
  • Added UI tooltips on hover for all interface panels
  • Added UI tooltips for interaction points (switches, leavers, attach points, etc.)
  • Added System Information help screens for all System Interface Panels
  • Added new tutorial triggers and messages to the starting scene
  • Replaced old loading messages with “gameplay tips”


Other improvements


  • Warp drive changes
  • Door UI Decal improvement
  • Different Post effects for map camera and player camera
  • Helmet visor glass effect as post effect
  • Removed airlock from ship’s elevator
  • Localization improvements missing strings
  • Elevator Indication Decals
  • Anti Aliasing selection in options
  • Item tooltips for recycled resources yield
  • Environmental monitor added to cryopod
  • CQM module scene and light optimization
  • Ship shelf attach points improvement
  • Borderless window
  • Helmet UI improvement
  • Added tooltips on/off in options
  • Changed pressure value for all found modules to 0
  • Power Supply light optimization
  • Command Module light optimization
  • Life Support light optimization
  • Output_log.txt transferred to (C:\Users\USER\AppData\LocalLow\ZeroGravity\HELLION\output_log.txt)




  • Server client communication after login problem preventing players from equipping helmets
  • Pressure hazard not showing up on doors in certain cases
  • Different ship solar panel malfunction values for input and output
  • Helmet radar showing premade stations as multiple modules instead of a single station
  • CBM extinguisher attach points in wrong positions
  • Turrets losing animations when power is turned off and on
  • Keyboard options reverted after client reset
  • Power supply power source list scroll not working
  • Stuck on connecting to main server when choosing Russian language
  • Post effects not applying when loading settings
  • Wrong CBM refining and power consumption values
  • Missing hotkeys for EVA suit
  • Double confirmation popup when changing game Quality
  • Invert mouse option not working
  • Stuck at "connecting to invite" screen
  • Unusable shelf in the CQM module
  • English typos present in rescue ship functionality
  • Station not allowing docking and targeted module list showing Outpost only
  • Ship cannot warp when grappled to another ship
  • Using any control panel with item under the character, causes take off as in zero gravity
  • Server list - connect button icon overlapping with connect button border
  • Environmental panels showing red air quality values when player is not in any danger
  • Ship changing position on match velocity
  • Jetpack resource consumption problem, Oxygen and Power not used when decimal number is left in the tank
  • Inverted commands when moving more then one docked module
  • Outpost corridor A gravity not changing after undocking
  • Stations showing up as individual "invisible" undocked modules on radar.
  • Ship Docking Port still Glows after Docking to AM
  • ALT+TAB while in Cryopod disables Mouse Control

Posted by Zero Gravity team