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Reboot Develop 2016 Recap

Zero Gravity showcased Hellion at Reboot Develop 2016 conference. We had a great time there. Check it out!

Posted by Zero Gravity team

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Zero Gravity Creative Kitchen

Hello space survivors!


As many of you know, Zero Gravity studio embarked on a mission to create a dangerous world of Hellion – the world in which you will fight for your survival and later fall in love with (or so we hope). That’s why we feel the need to show you a glimpse of our creative development process.

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Do you feel the warmth of another sun?

Dear survivors of Hellion,


Several days ago we intercepted a transmission that gave us the Greenlight to continue along our path. Thank you all for your immense support and encouragement. Rest assured that it will not go to waste.

Posted by Zero Gravity team

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Hellion Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video with Commentary

Hearty greetings to all space survivors,

Today we bring you an extended version of our early pre-alpha gameplay video, with added developer comments that explain some of the game's most prominent features. The video demonstrates some of the basic gameplay mechanics.

Posted by Zero Gravity team

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Hellion is on Steam Greenlight!

Fellow space survivors,

Hellion website went live a few moments ago! It contains all game relevant information including videos, screenshots and everything else you need to know about the world of Hellion and its story.

Posted by Zero Gravity team

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